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Your well-being and welfare are of the utmost importance to us as our guests, and you can feel assured that you will be safe, secure and comfortable at our self-catering short term lets during this time of uncertainty.


We are ensuring that our properties are fully sanitised and prepared for your stay with our enhanced cleaning regime. The cleanliness of our properties has always been paramount to us and we have implemented new guidelines based on government advice to re-assure you that your holiday home is safe and comfortable for you and your family.

M33 Short Stay Rentals are part of the Visit England “We’re Good to Go” Assessment Scheme and have integrated these processes into our cleaning protocols to ensure we are adhering to Government guidelines.


Our housekeeping team have been issued with face shields, masks, gloves and disposable aprons to be worn and changed on each changeover.


To enable our housekeepers to work within the recommended guidelines and undertake the necessary level of cleaning, the permitted arrival time is now 4:30 pm and departure time strictly 9:30am. This is an essential change and we thank-you for your understanding and co-operation adhering to these times.


All accommodation will be cleaned in accordance with Government Guidelines

  • All hard surfaces disinfected

  • All fabric surfaces sprayed with suitable disinfectant spray

  • All floors cleaned with appropriate cleaning agents

  • Carpets and soft furnishings vacuumed and sprayed

  • All crockery, cutlery, pots and pans cleaned in dishwasher or washed in hot soapy water

  • Cleaning materials are available for you to use. The housekeepers will have their own cleaning materials which they bring with them on changeover day.

  • For bookings of more than one week a weekly linen exchange will be provided in lieu of our regular housekeeping service.  A change of linen & towels will be delivered to guests to change themselves and used linen & towels will be collected.  All properties have washing machines and we understand that some guests may prefer to launder their own linen. 


Guest Requirements During Their Stay


Hand sanitiser is provided all our properties along with antibacterial hand wash. Guests are asked to follow the Government guidance for hand washing and sanitisation.

Guests are required to leave windows open as much as possible to encourage air circulation during their stay.


We would be really grateful if you would adopt a policy of taking your shoes off each time you enter the property as this will help reduce the spread of dirt and bacteria being bought into the property.


Guest Requirements on Departing Accommodation

Guests are required to empty the fridge and freezer, remove and empty all rubbish from waste bins prior to departure. It is important that guests depart no later than 9.30am from the properties and arrive no earlier than 4.30pm to ensure there is no cross over between our housekeepers and guests.

We ask that guests strictly adhere to these times which will be crucial to ensure our teams can clean and prepare the property following the Government guidelines and distancing rules.


If You Develop COVID-19 Symptoms

Needless to say, if you or any member of your party develop symptoms prior to arrival, it is important that you stay at home and do not travel. If this is the case, please contact immediately to let us know.


M33 Short Stay Rentals do not accept any responsibility for any matters beyond our control or for any COVID –19 related matters that occur whilst you are staying in the property.  Additional costs will be incurred if an extended stay is required due to illness.

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